I want to dream that big

I want to dream that big

so ok as y'all know.. yes I spent less than 4 days in Texas and now I want to be a southern bell sooo lets just roll with it ok ok. so I got to go visit my sister who lives in the land of Joana gains oh yes you guessed right I got to go to Waco Texas for the silobration the 4th annual. and it was so fun!!! I am not going to lie to you I flew form Dallas to Waco and when you get ion that Waco flight it is the smallest little air plane you have ever been on and I am pretty shore every woman on that flight was going to the silos 😂😂😂

but I went into this experience yes so excited to see my sister of corse but I was so excited to just be apart of chip and Joanna's dream. to set my feet on the grounds where they planted all they had to give to this world and said on a gold platter here ya go world will you like what we did. and as we all know the world went crazy for what they gave us! and I think that's because its not just a cute place to buy all the candles and all the cute home decor, its not jut the only thing to do in there little dime size collage town where there proud to be form. no the world was so eager and just wants to just have an all you can eat party on what there producing into this world because there genially themselves. they are there dreams they chase after there dreams they are excited about there interests and they want to share them with the world they want to share them with me and with you and that do so with there heart with there love and with there trust in god Because if you have ever read any of there books Theas people love them some Jesus!! so I can most defiantly get behind what there showing down haha!!

but I really this opportunity to go to jojo land and just sit on the grass and think about what I wan to do with my shop my dream and just sitting there I feel like I could dream as big as I wanted to and I could achieve what I wanted to I just have to believe in it work for it and love what I'm doing, and honesty this past couple weeks have been the hardest like I don't know why but they have but just knowing that I have you guys and I have this opportunity this platform to share my world with you my cloths with you my dreams with all y'all makes me so crazy excited!!

but honestly I have saved the best for last because I have saved the best for last... ok going to the silos was fun but I was really excited to go to chip and Joannas latte shop on bosque. and I think this is because I have read all there books and they are like my entrepreneur's road map to success guide book, honestly its just my how to live you dream guide book. so what I'm saying is all of you should either read them or auto book them. if I was going to suggest one to start with I would deffently go for capital gains... ITS SOOOO GOOD !!! and I don't even like books sooo that is actually a huge recommendation😂😂

but with reading there books I know what a starting point this was for them I know what a sine of where they came from and where there going and I felt a little like that little shop on bosque I feel like my shop is in line where little shop once stood full of excitement and the unknown futures of what the future holds.. except I do know a little what the future holds it holds light and it holds my dreams and now you are running here with me. so lets stop and get a soda and talk about how we are chasing our dreams and remembering who we are but also like chip and Joanna allowing our dreams to change and out goals to change but never changing who we are🤍🤍