Mind set is magic

Mind set is magic

I know i have and I would beat Ike 20$ you have too herd all your life if you just put your mind to something you can do it, or mind set manifests …BLAAAAAA BLAAAA BLAAAA…. That is how I always wanted to answer when any dumb person gave me that what I thought was at the time dumb advice. Well jokes on me and now im that dumb person giving that dumb advice. I always wanted to say to who ever that was who would give me that advice, so what your saying is if i just put my mind to it i will be marred to Macklemore sitting on a my private beach with my beautiful house behind me with my dream closet with a soda fountain, pebble ice Maker and fully stocked snack bar ok ok ok than im going to be thinking real heard and putting my mind to that fantastic fantasy. POP …… did you here that that was my bubble popping of never going to happen. But i have been told i dream big so lets take a few steps back and work up to our Macklemore dreams lol.


Like lets step way back and just go to mind set and not talk about crazy fantasies.

but mind set now story time about mind set. I feel like its time for a story for your reading pleasure. So life has not gone to plan. Life has not gone according to what i had planed what u had pictured or what i had in motion. But here i am still alive to tell the tail of mindset. But life had been hard like really hard. 

My life fell apart, my marriage felll apart, my goals and hope fir what i thought and what i land my life to be and who I thought it would be with slipped through my fingers, i had to move back home with my parents, and i developed a eating disorder where I wasn’t keeping any food down so with that my health mentally and physically was totally riding the struggle bus. Oh no I wasn’t just riding the struggle buss i was driving it.

and now more than a year latter and lots of time on m knees praying lots lots of prayers and convos with people i love and who love me and lots of theripy sessions i would say and also let the record show my theropod says i am doing way amazing and he isn’t one of those fluffy therapist like we do a lot to build back better.

but i still constantly feel like i am not the “same” happy bubbly self. Like it comes in waves and i will have moments or even hours and if im really lucky days where i feel so mojo magic of “old abby” and than i have to fall from my high of life back to the reality and i feel like sometimes on that fall i smack my face on the sidewalk and its just not a pretty guys it’s not petty. 

here is where the story of ind set comes in though, so last week i was at the gym as one does and one of my friends called me and since i was just stretching I picked up and talked for a hot second. And in the convo he asked me how i was doing and i could tell by his voice he was supper struggling Ike he was the one driving the struggle bus. And instead of saying my normal response of im doing ok of im just dandy, i said well life is just amazing one’s step at a time it just is amazing. Than on the outer end of the phone i could here him getting teary eyed and he got coked up and said abby i needed to here that, i needed your sunny energy. He than proceeded to two me all this hard and heavy things going on his life but then at the end of the phone call once again thanked me and than the phone call was over. But it was interesting because the phone call was over the the linger affects of how i felt or what I learned lingered longer and i still carry with me, and that is the power mind set the power of words. I just said i was doing amaing life was amazing even though i feel like i got dinged up a single scoop of ice cream and i want a thriple scoop. But just by saying that i felt amazing n joke im not messing with you my mood my mind set my whole being shifted and transformed into the version of my self i love the most the version of my self. And it all shifted with just words and no even any major action required, like the only action required to shift my whole mind set was just speaking those words, that’s pretty flipping easy if you ask me. But i wanted to share this to talk about this to bring attention to this bedside I think to often we get so overwhelmed with self development and self growth and we think it requires a journal hours a day contemplating and probably some form of an influencers meditation guide you can buy for the “ crazy low low price of 79$” ….. no on of that is needed shore they can all be good tools but the only think you need to truly change your mindset is your mind spirit and body working in harmony, even if it’s just to say a simple phrase. God gave woman and men the power to create life LIFE that’s pretty freaking crazy. And if god gave us the power to creat life don’t you think hw would also be the kind of god who wold give us the power to create a change in our mind set, the power to create a environment in our own thoughts of love and encouragement, well He is that merciful and he has thought that big into your plan to know how on sentient of a thought can change your mindset. So my challenge to you today is to take the time to get a expo marker and on your minor write a phrase of a mind set you truly want to embrace and say it every time you see it and mean it. Words are powerful your mindset if powerful how you talk to your self is powerful so lets used this all to our advantage okkkkk